Top Pedestrian Bridges Today

While there are many Pedestrian bridges today, you will find that some are at the top and represent great engineering skills and wonderful creative aesthetic appeal combining to create some of the best pedestrian walkways there is today, yet greatly defined in simplicity. Here are a number across the United States. 

12th Street Pedestrian Bridge In Oakland CA 

This is a prefabricated and highly striking bridge, fir green colored and 146′ by 15′ in size. It was built as a single standing structure before being split up for easy shipping in four pieces. It was then put up on the site and strengthened into place effortlessly. It lays side by side with Lake Merrit in Oakland California, a huge tidal lagoon.

Jackson Hill Street Bridge In Houston, TX 

This pedestrian bridge is found in Houston Texas around Jackson Hill Street and it is 10′ wide and 345′ long in size spanning over the colorful Buffalo Bayou Park. The bridge is said to be a cost-effective and time-sensitive solution by one of the best bridge creators.

Petaluma River Trail Bridge 

Also a prefabricated bridge for pedestrians, it was created for the Petaluma California city. It is a meticulous truss prefabricated bridge and constructed using self-weathering type of steel for longevity and dependability.

Cheyenne Ave Bridge In Las Vegas, NV 

Another prefabricated bridge specifically made for pedestrians and found in the cross of Cheyenne Avenue in Las Vegas, Nevada. Also a steel truss construction, it is completely covered and the paintwork has been done on it for both beauty and durability.

Mancos Colorado In Mesa Street Bridge 

This is a bridge in Mancos Colorado and offers a needed passage across a creek to a library. Due to its striking nature and convenience it took the kids a short time to show up.

244′ Weathering Steel Bridge In South Carolina 

A new installation, this bridge in South Carolina is a wonderful display of design in bridge making known as Tied Arch. A Tied Arch design has made the bridge very strong and utterly gorgeous to look at. The geometric shape of the arch is the source of its strength giving the bridge a chance to have a span of about 244 ft with a width of 10 ft and fabricated through the use of weathering steel and a wood deck treated with pressure to give a timeless and natural appearance. It was installed in South Carolina’s Greenwood and adjacent to The Territories, a popular hunting club.

Gallinas Diversion Rehab In Las Vegas 

This is a bridge that was made due to the City of Las Vegas need to provide a pedestrian access for both people and maintenance workers for easier crossing of a diversion channel within an area with a difficult access and a remote canyon. It was agreed that a truss bridge should be prefabricated, one that would be lightweight through weathering steel and a grate decking of galvanized steel bars to make sure the bridge would require almost zero maintenance needs while providing a very safe passage without any fear of slipping. It brought the longevity and strength of steel in a construction that really needed those qualities.

Constructing pedestrian bridges seems to be quite simple task but the amount of engineering goes into it is quite mind boggling.

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