10 Tips For Decorating A Small Living Room

Finding the correct mixture of color, style and furniture to complement your small living room may prove to be a slightly hard task. You may be very confused since there are many options available and you do not know which one to choose. Below are 10 Tips for decorating a small living room that will help ensure that you get the best out of your living room.

1. Choosing light furniture that has simple lines.
Select furniture that has light color and which has legs. Having furniture with a lighter color will give an obstructed view of the floor and this will make the space visible. This will in turn make your room appear larger than it truly is.

2. Using Mirrors Effectively.
Mirrors can make a room appear larger than it actually is. This is however not as simple as it sounds. You have to arrange the mirrors such that they reflect the correct things. If they reflect the wrong things they may make the room appear smaller.

3. Choose a color scheme that is light.
Neutral colors that are mixed with shades of green and blue will work pretty well with a small room. They create the impression of having a larger space. Dark floors have a negative effect on the appearance of the room since they make it look congested and smaller.

4. Match The Furniture To The Size of The Room.
A small room requires small furniture. Look for furniture that is almost the same size as your living room. When you buy big furniture it will make your room look crammed since the furniture will appear as though it has been forced to fit inside there.

5. Emphasize the Use of Vertical Lines.
Many times people forget that rooms have a vertical axis. When dressing your small living room you should consider this. Add things that will encourage the eyes to move up the furniture. This will distract people from concentrating on the size of the room.

6. Harmonizing Large Pieces of Furniture.
When you have a sofa or a piece of furniture that dominates the room you should paint the wall a shade that is just a bit darker than it. This will prevent the eyes from just sticking to the sofa and they will move up the wall.

7. Controlling Clutter.
The way in which you store the items needed in the living room is very important. Shelve and organize them properly. When you store the clutter in a disorganized way your living room appears small and crammed.

8. Layer Lighting.
Lighting in the room is very important, choose modern lightning. Ensure that every area of the room is well light. Dark corners may make the room appear smaller.

9. Choosing furniture That Is Multifunctional.
Choosing furniture that can perform different functions is great for small living rooms. You will not need various types of furniture that will take up space.

10. Using Build In Storage.
Use custom built in cabinets to store your items. The color of the built in cabinets should be light and this will help increase the visual space in your small living room.

The above 10 Tips for decorating a small living room will help ensure that your living room appears larger than it is. You will easily fit all the furniture you need and your living room will not look crammed.


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